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Thank you for caring about the well-being of your dog!

People often fail to realize that a dog is genetically built to communicate only as a dog.  It is therefore, our job to learn a bit about dog language and also teach our dog a bit about human language.

Any dog trainer can train your dog.  It doesn’t mean your dog will listen to you. 

I have learned from many top dog trainers and behaviorists in the country.  I primarily train people, and I want you to have a safe, happy family.  My goal is to improve your communication with your dog so that you can operate more effectively as a team.  Don’t wait for problems!  It is never too early to start.  Here is my First session with a 9 week old pup!

What Clients are saying:

10/6/20 ST from Ridgefield wrote after a single remote session: “Lily is doing great in her crate by the way! She hasn’t cried in her crate at all and she’s doing very well on walks…I had two people pass and say how well trained she was!”

9/23/20 HC from Fairfield wrote: ” So happy with how things went the other day!! I really think the virtual training works and you have so many resources to offer which is great to refer back to after sessions to get even more out of the training.”

8/14/20 SG from Fairfield wrote: “Wendy! You are amazing we are seeing results right away!”

6/2020 MW from Fairfield wrote:  “You’re an amazing trainer….We’re really, really impressed with this program and so glad we found you. Thanks, Wendy.”

6/2020  KB from Fairfield wrote: ” Thanks so much for the great session!! We truly enjoyed it and we’re excited to keep working!”

5/2020 NK from Fairfield wrote:  “In uncertain times like these, I am certain both myself and my puppy are mutually well trained and have built a loving, respectful relationship. As trainings can’t be done in person at this time, Wendy does a great job training over FaceTime/Video Chat and follows up with informative and helpful videos and feedback. Highly recommend!”

5/2020 JS from Fairfield made a recommendation on Moms of Fairfield Facebook group:  “Wendy helped us train our very active and extremely smart pointer hound mix rescue almost three years ago. We still use all her trainings, suggestions and tips!

5/2020 KP from Fairfield made a recommendation on Moms of Fairfield Facebook group:  Wendy Lien / No Big Woof trained our puppy as well last year! So incredibly helpful!!

3/2019  BP from Fairfield said:  “Someone today stopped me on my walk and asked me if I was training him to be a service dog he was so well behaved!!!!”

12/2018  AK from Fairfield said:  “I wish I hired you first!”

7/15/2018 EL made a recommendation on Moms of Fairfield Facebook group: ” Wendy Lien from No Big Woof.  Called her after so many positive recommendations from this page.  She is so knowledgeable and her training style is very positive.  She follows up after every visit and posts lots of great videos on the private page.”

7/14/2018  SM from Fairfield wrote after 1 session:  “Thank you.  We are already making progress.  Thank you for everything.”

6/29/18 ES from Fairfield wrote: “Thanks for today and the pics.  The kids and I had a blast!”

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